Denver Furniture - Types of Wood Materials used

Types of materials used in manufacture of Denver Furniture products:


Particleboard is a versatile wood-based product which is made by combining and then heat pressing wood particles and resin to form a solid board. Particleboard is made up of a three-layer profile which is a combination of the screened fine and coarse material. This forms a lightweight board that has the advantage of being both strong and having a smooth, flat surface that makes it perfect for making furniture and using in construction. Particleboard is a less expensive alternative to Medium Density Fibreboard; however, it is not as strong or dense as MDF and, unlike MDF, cannot be painted or lacquered. Its high density ensures excellent screw holding and machinability while its smooth surface characteristics make it ideal for lamination using either Melamine, Foil Films, High Pressure Laminates, Veneer Layons and other applications.

In general Denver Furniture uses Particleboard with a melamine veneer to manufacture products that have a finish that is not painted or foil wrapped

Medium Density Fibreboard (sometimes referred to as Supawood)

Unlike Particleboard, which is made from wood particles, Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) is made from wood fibres which gives it a wider range of applications. This is because it is stronger, with a high mechanical resistance as well as excellent dimensional stability, especially against temperature variations and damp. Medium Density Fibreboard is made from a wood fibre pulp created by softening wood chips through a refining process. The wood fibre pulp is then pressed into a board which is heavier than particleboard due to its higher density and which is distinguishable thanks to its exceptionally smooth, homogenous surface, which make it ideal for lacquering and to be used in making furniture and construction. At Denver Furniture e generally use MDF board for products where we apply a laminate foil or a final painted surface.